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Hotel Reception

According to the Malta Hotel Directory 2022, Malta has a total of 123 hotels of a 3-star rating or higher with more hotels being actively being built.

This increased competition is putting additional pressure on operators to find cost effective ways to run their hotels.

Our solutions provide a sustainable way to minimize the consumption of natural resources, reduce time while maximising the well-being of your staff.


According to a recent study conducted by PWC, labour availability, and the surge of labour and utility costs have been identified as the topmost business concerns. 

Our solutions aim to replace labour-intensive operations with sustainable machines that drastically reduce labour and utility costs bringing about a tangible impact to the bottom line, whilst helping the environment.  

Gourmet Meals

Catering Companies

Making Pretzels

Catering operations are labour intensive operations that demand a high output whilst requiring that the quality of the final product is worthy of your brand.


Operational reviews to help identify potential areas for improvement need to be done regularly. Our sustainable solutions target food waste reduction and speed up the ware washing process as the need for prewash is drastically reduced.

Care Homes

Care homes provide accommodation and personal care for our loved ones who need extra support in their daily lives.

When providing their services, care home operators are even more concerned about the safety of their kitchen operations as this has a tangible impact on their patrons.

Our ware washers not only speed up the pot washing process and reduce utility costs but also reduce the need for chemicals in the sanitisation process. 

Seniors Socializing
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