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Our Approach

Client Engagement

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We inform and educate our clients through face to face interaction, seeking to build value-laden relationships based on trust

User Experience

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We demonstrate our solutions in their working environment, helping the client make an informed decision, with peace of mind

Tailored Consultation

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We offer consultation, decision-making tools (ex. payback & ROI calculators), as well as support in applying for schemes and incentives 

What's in a name?

Mem white_edited.png

The word 'Mem' comes from the thirteenth letter of the Semitic writing system, making it the predecessor of the modern day letter 'M'.

In old Phoenician, the word 'Mem' also represented water, which was of vital importance to the livelihood of their seafaring civilisation, and subsequently, towards the spreading of culture and language throughout the Mediterranean basin. 

As water was so important to the Phoenicians, it is of equal importance to modern society, particularly to the Maltese Islands whose fresh groundwater sources are dwindling at an alarming rate.  

Thus Memcon quite literally means 'Water Conservation'.

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