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Sustainable Ware Washing

Sustainable warewashing means that you can secure the health and well-being of your staff, manage your time, and minimize the consumption of natural resources - all while running a profitable business. A sustainable solution in the truest sense of the word.


With innovative solutions from Nordisk, warewashing is turned from a costly and wasteful business that’s eating away at your profit, into a lean, sustainable, and contributing hub that improves flow, profitability, and sustainability throughout your operation.


How It Works

The use of high pressure water minimizes the need to pre-wash and makes sure that the washing process is taken care of inside of the machine. The washing power could be additionally boosted by using specially designed Power Granules which are forcefully applied to the wares (around 80,000 granules a second), eliminating the need to pre-wash pots, pans and utensils completely before they enter the washer, even for heavily burnt wares.


Man-hours can be cut by 55% daily and consumption of resources such as water, energy, and chemicals can be decreased by an average of up to 70%, compared to other ware washing methods. No more taps running uncontrolled or manually over-dosing of detergent, which means you stay on top of your resource consumption and get perfectly sanitized wash result, every time. Furthermore, staff will be happier and safer, since they will not be subject to spillages and constant hard manual labour, scrubbing and lifting. 


You will start saving from day one, with a return of investment within 18-24 months.

Smaller kitchens that prepare up to 240 hot meals a day can still benefit from the patented technology of Nordisk, with the X2 Lean Wash Centre®. The X2 Lean Wash Center® differs from other Nordisk products, as it operates on a patented high-pressure water system (without Power Granules). The solution is compact and can fit into even smaller kitchens. Thanks to its smart design and double wash system it allows you to effortlessly alternate regular dishwashing with state-of-the-art pot washing - with minimum pre-washing and scrubbing needed.

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