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Xeros Technology Group


Xeros Technology Group provides sustainable water-saving laundry and fabric care solutions to hospitality, leisure and industrial laundries, as well as other textile and fabric cleaning industries. The company’s solutions empower hotels and industrial laundries to reduce their environmental footprint while reducing costs, increasing linen life and surpassing customer expectations with a superior clean. Operating globally in partnership with IFB Industries Limited, Xeros works to sustain the world’s water supplies for current and future generations.

Many global players are already adopting, and benefiting from Xeros technology.

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IFB Industries Limited


IFB Industries Limited are the official OEM partner for the incorporation of Xeros technologies (XDrum and XOrbs) into their commercial washing machines. These machines are manufactured in two sizes - the WE 20X (18kg) and the WE 40X (38kg).

IFB also manufactures a full range of complementary commercial laundry equipment including tumble dryers, ironers, steam generators and other finishing equipment, as well as dishwashing solutions.


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Domus Laundry

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Domus Laundry manufacture products specially designed to meet professional laundry needs. Domus Laundry offer a wide range of machinery and equipment for industrial laundry, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, residential homes, and every kind of laundromat. Domus Laundry can offer a complete solution for the washing-drying-ironing-finishing of laundry for all businesses. Domus Laundry believe in constant innovation in the design and manufacture of laundry machines, placing special emphasis on saving energy and water, key factors in a constantly evolving and environmentally conscious world.

Domus Laundry has an exceptionally strong presence in Spain as well as all over Europe and the US, including installations in hotels, care homes, hospitals and other industrial laundry operations.


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