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Complete Laundry Solutions

We understand that the decision to set up a laundry is not always easy. Should you outsource, or should you have your own On-Premise Laundry? If you decide to go for the latter, what equipment will you need to be able to cope with your demands, and how will the laundry be organised for optimal organisational efficiency? 


At Memcon Solutions, we pride ourselves on being able to make a detailed case study and calculate (at no extra cost) our customers exact laundry requirements, and offer the best mix of equipment in order to operate efficiently and sustainably, whilst saving thousands of euros a year. Together with our Flagship Xeros Near Waterless Laundry system, we also provide all other equipment to fully set up a state-of-the-art laundry, from tumble dryers (both vented and with heat pump), ironers, finishing equipment and ancillary products, all supplied by our partners at Domus Laundry.

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