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Near Waterless Laundry System

 Nowadays, most commercial laundry equipment manufacturers provide an option of "water-efficient" machines.

However even the most "water-efficient" traditional commercial machines still use more than 20 litres of water per kilogram of laundry. Thus, in order to look at even lower water usage, Xeros Sustainable Laundry Systems have developed a revolutionary new technology of replacing water with XOrb polymer beads

When put into the wash, XOrbs absorb stains and provide a gentle mechanical wash action, reducing the need for large volumes of water and extreme temperatures. By replacing most of the water in the wash cycle with XOrbs, we're able to limit water use for our customers by up to 70 percent, and reduce energy and chemistry use by up to 50 percent. XOrbs can even wash at ambient temperature, eliminating the need to heat water - creating additional energy savings and keeping linens looking newer.


How It Works

When a wash cycle starts, XOrbs are added from inside the machine's storage area to mix with the fabrics and a small amount of water. The water itself is sprayed in, rather than poured, to improve efficiency. 


The XOrbs gently massage the garments, loosening dirt and stains. XOrbs then expand slightly, creating microscopic cavities that absorb and trap stains, carrying them away from your fabrics in a small amount of cold water.

When the wash cycle is completed, XOrbs automatically return to a holding area inside the machine and are ready to be used again for the next wash.

XOrbs are used for up to a thousand washes and are then collected by our technicians to be recycled and exchanged for new ones.

Xeros Laundry Machines

Xeros Commercial Laundry Machines use an innovative XOrb polymer bead technology for laundry. The beads are recycled, wash after wash, and are used effectively for up to 1,000 washes.

With a soft mount design, all machines are enhanced with customised software controls. Familiar front-loading design and easy-to-use controls have been customised for use with Xeros' cutting-edge sustainable laundry & fabric care technology. 

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