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Granuldisk is a company with a bold vision: saving the planet one drop at a time. By supplying the highest performing and most sustainable ware washing solutions, commercial kitchens are able to put the planet first. All while ensuring productivity and excellent working conditions. Granuldisk combines a high passion for sustainability with premium engineering to ensure brilliant wash results. By minimizing and even eliminating the need to pre-wash pots, pans and utensils before they enter the washer, man-hours can be cut by 55% daily and consumption of resources such as water, energy, and chemicals can be decreased by an average of up to 70%. Granuldisk was founded in Malmö, Sweden in 1987 and work actively to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Vision 2030.

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SmartKitchen is a Finnish company developing cloud service solutions based on customer’s needs. The service consists of several digital solutions for professional food service companies, including Food Waste Tracking to reduce food waste in kitchens and restaurants, Automated Digital HACCP to ensure food safety, Organizational productivity management, Remote monitoring and control of kitchen equipment, and Restaurant indoor air quality monitoring.

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