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Sustainability Consulting

Businesses owners are at a crossroads - most are aware of their organisation's responsibility to the Environment and Society as a whole, however many are also concerned that this will negatively affect their profits. 

Also, more often than not, sustainability remains an abstract concept for many people, and businesses either struggle to incorporate it within their framework, or else feel that it is too much work for too little return. 

This is where Memcon Solutions can offer real value. Using ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) as the basis, we guide our clients through the process of becoming more sustainable, marketable, efficient and profitable.

Our background in offering technological solutions also comes in handy when making concrete recommendations for beneficial change to our clients.  

However, being sustainable does not only mean protecting the Environment. It also means addressing the Social and Governance aspects of a business. For this, Memcon Solutions has partnered with industry leaders who can offer their expertise and guidance on these aspects, thus offering a complete ESG solution.


Working Silhouettes

Services Offered

ISO 14001

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We acknowledge that businesses are here to make money, and so we help build a business case for sustainability, tailored to each organisation's specific needs.

Using ISO 14001 as our foundation, we guide different organizations on ways in which they can improve their environmental performance and gain a competitive advantage as a result.



Educating organisations and their employees about the benefits of becoming sustainable is the cornerstone of the long-term success of the project, underpinned by continuous improvement.

We do not simply preach sustainability, but we educate our clients as to why this is the only way forward for their organisation.

Additional Services

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Additionally, we offer consultancy and source new and innovative sustainable technological solutions that will improve the specific operational processes of our clients.


Further services can be tailored towards client's specific needs, such as Carbon Footprint Auditing and assistance with formulating a Sustainability Report.

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