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With over 2.5 million tourists visiting in 2018, spending a collective 18.6 million nights in Malta (source), we realise that this places a significant strain on our very limited resources.

Targeting large hotel chains to Airbnb's alike, our aim is to make processes more efficient, whilst reducing costs and saving the environment by the introduction of products that increase client's sustainability, whilst improving the bottom line. 

Spas and Wellness

In today's increasingly stressful world, more and more people are looking for ways to relax and unwind. This has lead to an increase in the use of spas and wellness treatment packages.


This type of laundry provides its own set of challenges, mainly due to the high use of oils which are usually challenging to remove with traditional laundry systems.


With the introduction of the XOrbs in the wash, these oils can be removed much more efficiently than in a traditional washing machine.


Industrial Laundry


Industrial laundry service providers need to deliver spotless linens, on time, and at competitive prices, whilst controlling costs.

By reducing water consumption by up to 70%, Xeros commercial laundry systems save a significant amount of money on bills, and lower local water demands, while keeping fabrics looking new for longer due to the gentle mechanical action of the XOrbs.

Care Homes

Malta's social care sector is going through a period of unprecedented growth due to increasing demand from an ageing population with increasing levels of need. Introducing more sustainable ways in the operational methods of care homes represents an increasing potential for a meaningful positive impact on our climate. Our aim is to introduce more efficient processes while improving the commercial viability of operators in this sector. 

Seniors Socializing
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