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Food Waste Tracking

Reducing food waste improves profitability and reduces environmental impact of a restaurant. By tracking the quantity and quality of food waste, restaurateurs and kitchen managers can have full visibility of their operations in order to manage stocks, expiries and recipes, and thus improve their bottom line.

However, most of these processes are tedious, inaccurate and require manual record-keeping which is usually the last thing busy kitchen staff have the time to do. Therefore, these are either carried out poorly, or not at all.  

This process can be accelerated by automating waste data collection with the wireless Food Waste Tracker with automated Waste Scale and Plate Waste app from Smart Kitchen.



How It Works

Accelerate waste data collection with the Food Waster Tracker and the wireless Waste Scale. Pour the waste into a container on top of the waste scale located in the kitchen area. Select the waste item on the touch screen. The information is stored directly in the Food Waste Tracker online service, and can be analysed both graphically and numerically.

Additionally, the Plate Waste App can be included to show restaurant customers the amount of plate waste and 

In this way, a restaurant owner can know the amount of actual waste covering the entire chain from storage to plate waste. Track the amount and quality of food waste in currency, kilograms and carbon footprint (kgCO2e).

The solution is suitable for both small cafes and large companies with multiple locations, and helps the user focus on the things that best reduce the most expensive food waste and the waste with the highest carbon footprint. 

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