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Introducing the New D1 and D2 Range of Dishwashing Solutions by Nordisk: Elevate Your Restaurant

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

D1 D2 Lineup
D1 D2 Lineup

Are you seeking a way to optimize your restaurant's operations while reducing costs and environmental impact? Nordisk Clean Solutions, a renowned provider of sustainable dishwashing solutions, has unveiled the D1 and D2 range of products, specifically designed for smaller restaurants.

The Lean Wash Center family, which encompasses the D1 and D2 dishwashers, harnesses water-based technology to deliver exceptional cleaning results while minimizing water, electricity, and chemical consumption. The D1, an under-counter solution, accommodates up to 100 meals per service, while the D2, a hood-type system, handles up to 250 meals per service. With compatibility for standard 500 x 500 mm racks and whisper-quiet operation, these models are perfect for small to medium-sized kitchens.

The D1 and D2 range offer a host of features and options that prioritize ease of use and maintenance, including:

Kick'n Wash: A foot pedal feature allows you to initiate the wash cycle without touching any buttons, ensuring hygiene and convenience.

Sequential Rinse Technology: This patented system reduces water and chemical consumption by an impressive 50%, further enhancing sustainability.

EcoExchanger: Harnessing the heat energy from rinse water, this device preheats incoming cold water, optimizing efficiency and conserving resources.

Connectivity: Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity enables remote monitoring and management of your dishwashers via any device, enhancing control and convenience.

Hygiene: Ensure compliance with the DIN 10534 hygiene norm, guaranteeing impeccable food safety standards.

To explore the D1 and D2 range in-depth, we invite you to reach out. We will tailor a business case specifically for your restaurant, showcasing the potential savings and benefits of switching to Granuldisk dishwashers.

Seize the opportunity to elevate your kitchen with the latest technology from Nordisk. Contact us today and discover how they can transform your dishwashing operations, boosting efficiency, quality, and sustainability while optimizing your resource usage.

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